Welcome to my blog!

I’m Luis Reginaldo Medilo, editor of Tech Pilipinas and several other online publications. Loy Meets World is my personal journal. This blog was born in 2008 but was only recently revived by yours truly.

I revived this blog because I want to express my thoughts and opinions, and to share them with the world. I wanted to go back to simple personal blogging without the advertising, social media marketing and other distractions that are so pervasive in today’s world.

Thus I decided to go with an utterly simple and minimal theme, and ditch the social media buttons. All you’ll see in this blog are my content and your comments – nothing else. If you think that my articles are worthy of sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, then please share them manually. There’s no button for you to click after all.

A little about me…

My fascination with blogging started in 2006 when I was a college student. I used to design websites using Microsoft FrontPage and later on by hand using HTML. Later on, I discovered WordPress which set me on the road to a full-fledged blogging career.

I experimented with free hosts and domain names which was obviously a bad idea because they didn’t last long. One day, I realized that I had to get my own domain name to be taken seriously as a blogger. So I asked my brother to register a domain name for me, and the rest is history.

I settled on the name “Loy Meets World” because I was a fan of Pinoy Meets World, a defunct travel show in GMA, aside from the fact that my nickname is “Loy.” Later on, I discovered that there was also an American TV show called Boy Meets World. One of my blog commenters told me that piece of trivia.

With my blog set up, I started writing about almost everything I can think of, including politics, sports, technology, et cetera. At that time there was an active community of bloggers, so I quickly attracted a few loyal readers who subscribed to my RSS feed.

Then I read about making money from blogging. Without any hesitation, I placed Google Adsense ads on my blog and prayed