Finally got my first Ghost blog

I finally got my first Ghost blog, after many years of using WordPress. And I'm loving every single minute of it!

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Finally got my first Ghost blog

I've been blogging since 2005. My first blog was a Blogspot ( one until I discovered WordPress. This blog Loy Meets World used to run on WordPress when I created it back in 2008.

Sometime in 2010, I lost interest in personal blogging so I allowed the domain name to expire. For many years, the domain changed hands from one domain squatter to another, until I was finally able to recover it this year.

The reason why I decided to start anew with Loy Meets World is because it has some sentimental value to me. Loy Meets World was my first ever full-fledged blog. I mean, I had a few blogs before it but I abandoned them as quickly as I made them. This blog was also my first with its own domain name, which I registered courtesy of my brother.

Why I went with Ghost

WordPress is, and will always be, my content management system of choice. I've built dozens of websites on WordPress, including my tech blog Tech Pilipinas.

I discovered Ghost a few years ago but thought that it's too complicated to set up. Although I have plenty of experience building and taking websites online, I didn't know how to set up and manage a virtual private server or VPS. Ghost requires a VPS and I only had experience with shared web hosting.

That all changed after I moved my tech blog from shared hosting to a VPS on the Cloudways platform. I discovered how much faster and more powerful a VPS is compared to standard shared hosting. I began learning more about VPSes and how to set them up.

I have no time nor motivation to learn Linux systems administration so I decided to use RunCloud to set up my Vultr server. After reading and following several guides including my own tutorial on how to set up a VPS on RunCloud, I was finally able to create my first ever blog on Ghost.

Ghost is like a breathe of fresh air. Sure, it doesn't allow me to install plugins to implement additional features, nor does it have a pagebuilder to create custom designs, but I like its simplicity. It's much faster than WordPress, that I can tell you.

I just want to write a blog and do it quickly without any distractions. Ghost is perfect for that.

I love the design, too. I'm using the free Simply theme and customized some parts of it (especially the fonts). Thanks to Godofredo for making such a nice and clean Ghost theme!

Ghost or WordPress?

That doesn't mean that I will ditch WordPress completely. I think Ghost is best suited for personal blogs where all you have to do is to write content. If you don't care about customizing your site using pagebuilders or adding more features to extend your site's capabilities, then Ghost is for you.

If you want to make money from your blog with ad networks like Adsense, then I don't think Ghost is for you. You can't install a plugin that will place ads on your blog (although you can do it by editing the template code).

Ghost has inbuilt SEO features but you cannot install a plugin that will help you with on-page SEO. You know, like counting the number of keywords in your article. If you don't care much about those stuff, or whether you rank high in Google, then Ghost is for you.

I went with Ghost for Loy Meets World because I just want to write, write and write. I don't care whether I'm on page one of Google or not, because it's only a personal blog meant for sharing my opinions to the rest of the world.

And also, I wanted to try something new.

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